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Framework list

Agile Toolkit
Adventure PHP Framework
DynaPort Lite X
DynaPort X
eZ Components
Fat-Free Framework (F3)
TYPO3 Flow
Frostbite Framework
Joomla Platform
mocovi / dresscode
Nibble PHP Framework
One PHP Micro Framework
Openbiz Cubi
Opendelight (Ash.MVC)
Packfire Framework
PSX Framework
Scorpio Framework for PHP
Solar PHP
Spawn Framework
Thin PHP Framework
Tiny MVC
Turbo PHP
YeePHP Framework
Zend Framework
Zend Framework 2

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Short framework list

shortlist Adroit @framework-matrix

a lightweight PHP 5 MVC framework

Adroit provides a lot for how lightweight it is. Rapid development Eliminate repetitive tasks Familiar MVC architecture Object Oriented Simple DB persistence Utilizes Smarty Template Engine Simple and Manageable ajax development ...

shortlist AgilePHP @framework-matrix

RAD, annotations, interceptors, remoting, soap & rest web services, XSLT

PHP Rapid Application Development framework featuring MVC, ORM, annotations, interceptors, remoting, soap & rest web services, caching, logging, identity/role mgmt, i18n, XSLT code generation, AJAX/WebSocket PHPUnit integration and much more. ...

MVC Akelos @framework-matrix

"The pragmatic way to get Productive on PHP"

straight from the features page: The Akelos PHP Framework implements many features from Ruby on Rails and some others targeted to coding multilingual applications which need to be distributed in a simple manner. Akelos Main Goals Improve developer happiness. Speed up the creation of compl ...

shortlist Ambivalence @framework-matrix

Ambivalence is a Model-View-Controller framework for PHP web development. The initial version, based on the Java-based Maverick project, offers clean MVC separation and an XML sitemap, plus a service to authenticate and enforce access control. ...

MVC Adventure PHP Framework @framework-matrix

APF is a utility to implement object oriented and generic PHP web applications

The Adventure PHP Framework (APF) understands itself as a utility to implement object oriented and generic PHP web applications. It supports the developer in creating programs in compliance with approved software design patterns. Its code base already has answers to many day-to-day problems. The fra ...

shortlist ATK framework (Achievo) @framework-matrix

target business applications, small amounts of code

Achievo ATK is an object oriented Web Application Framework, written in PHP. It is targeted at developers who wish to focus on business logic, instead of coding HTML. Where other application frameworks mainly provide a large set of utility classes, ATK provides a complete framework that requires ...

shortlist Atomik @framework-matrix

The little big framework for PHP 5.3+

Atomik is a PHP micro framework that provides everything you need to make small to medium websites and get you started as quickly as possible. It's simple nature makes it the perfect fit for beginners. ...

shortlist Aura @framework-matrix

renamed Solar 2.0 framework

The Aura project is essentially the second major version of Solar, reimagined and rewritten as a library collection with dependency injection instead of a framework with service location. The name change from Solar to Aura is to reduce confusion with the Apache Solr project. In a world of monolit ...

MVC Banshee @framework-matrix

PHP website framework, which aims at to be secure, fast and easy to use.

Banshee is a PHP website framework, which aims at to be secure, fast and easy to use. It uses a Model-View-Control architecture (XSLT for the views). Although it was designed to use MySQL as the database, other database applications can be used as well with only little effort. Ready-to-use module ...

shortlist BareBones-MVC @framework-matrix

a one-file, no-configuration, MVC framework for PHP5

Weighing in at just 60 lines of code (excluding comments), the BareBones MVC framework for PHP5 is perfect for: small-to-medium websites; in other words, the vast majority, i.e. shared hosting sites without htaccess and/or mod_rewrite capabilities as a foundation for PHP software such as CMS, we ...

shortlist Blueshoes @framework-matrix


BlueShoes is a comprehensive application framework and content management system. It is written in the widely used web-scripting language PHP. BlueShoes offers excellent support for the popular MySQL database as well as support for Oracle and MSSQL. BlueShoes provides developers with real-wo ...

routing Breeze @framework-matrix

micro framework for routing with procedural API look

Routes The routing API involves associating HTTP requests with PHP functions. For example, the following code would print hello world if a GET request were made for /. get('/', function(){ echo 'Hello World!'; }); # named matches get(';^/hello/(?<name>\w+)$;', function($app, $p ...

minimal Caffeine @framework-matrix

Lite-weight and small development layer is "PHP To Go"

What is Caffeine? Caffeine is a lite-weight PHP 4 and PHP 5 compatible framework that provides a small development layer, without getting in the way of the programmer. It's "PHP To Go"! Caffeine's core can be expanded by using Libraries. Libraries are a collection of PHP Classes or ...

MVC CakePHP @framework-matrix

rapidly develop robust web applications

CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP that provides an extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying applications. Using commonly known design patterns like MVC and ORM within the convention over configuration paradigm, CakePHP reduces development costs and helps deve ...

MVC CodeIgniter @framework-matrix

widespread, small footprint but encompassing features , good documentation

Let's try it: Hello World! Let's create a simple controller so you can see it in action. Using your text editor, create a file called blog.php, and put the following code in it: class Blog extends Controller { function index() { echo 'Hello World!'; } } Template Parser Class T ...

shortlist Ding @framework-matrix

name "Ding" due to using dependency injection (DI)

Ding is a PHP framework that provides dependency injection (by Setter, Constructor, and Method), Aspect Oriented Programming, XML, YAML, Events support, and some JSR 250/330 annotations as bean definition providers, lightweight, can be deployed as a PHAR file, simple, and quick MVC, syslog, TCP clie ...

shortlist Dingo @framework-matrix

a RAD framework

Dingo allows you to develop feature rich websites and web applications quickly and efficiently. It is lean when compared to other frameworks of its ability. the actual framework is only about 100KB in size not compressed. Flexibility Dingo follows the KISS ideology,. ...

shortlist DIY @framework-matrix

It is an open-source web application framework based on object-oriented PHP 5, MySQL, and XSLT. Designed following MVC architecture and REST principles.

It is an open-source lightweight web application framework based on object-oriented PHP 5, MySQL, and XSLT. It is fully object-oriented and designed following the MVC architecture and REST design principles. The idea behind it is not to reinvent the wheel but instead to combine existing and proven t ...

shortlist DooPHP @framework-matrix

one of the fastest

Doo is a PHP framework designed to give you a delightful development experience without slowing down you applications like most frameworks does. Doo tries to be as lightweight as possible and has a small source code footprint. The creator actually benchmarked various possible approaches when buildin ...

shortlist DQER @framework-matrix

RAD with focus on security

Most php frameworks does not provide adequate level of RAD and as result development of applications (or plug-ins) become unnecessarily time consuming, better say endless routine process. We aim to change that with DQER! Features Here is a short feature list of the DQER RAD PHP framework: ...

MVC EasyPhpApp @framework-matrix

facilitate form/CRUD applications

Main features Clean but simple MVC approach : the framework uses structured url (routes) to target modules (your application classes) and actions (methods of the classes) Strong but simple security layer : build on top of Zend_Auth and Zend_Acl Can be HTML free : build your presentation only wi ...

MVC Elefant @framework-matrix

Refreshingly simple PHP web framework and CMS.

Elefant is a minimalist web framework that includes an optional but full-featured content management system as well. Elefant has a low learning curve, while still encouraging best practices, strong security, and clean separation of logic and presentation. It's also very fast and has a very low memor ...

shortlist ELF @framework-matrix

small footprint

Extra Light php Framework is a php framework with a very small footprint, built on Model-View-Controller architecture. This framework provides a quick starting point, permitting the developer to build the application in he's own way. Features ActiveRecord (docs: ...

MVC Emergence @framework-matrix

versioned virtual development environment and MVC framework

Emergence is an open source PHP framework which maintains a virtual directory structure for each site. This allows Emergence websites to inherit each other. For this reason Emergence is a two part framework. First you must install the Emergence Kernel. After doing so you will configure a websi ...

shortlist evoCore @framework-matrix

heart of b2evolution blog software

The evoCore framework distinguishes itself by the fact it doesn't require PHP 5 to work! That's right, as of early 2010, evoCore will still work perfectly under PHP 4 in order to guarantee your applications can be hosted on virtually any web hosting provider, including low cost cheap web hosting pla ...

shortlist Faster @framework-matrix

minimalist M, V, C setup

It is faster. It will take you less time to learn it, less time to install it, less time to code with it, and less time to move a project from one server to another. Plus, it does a fine job of reducing spaghetti code. For this reason, we hope that far less people shy away from an MVC fram ...

library Fat-Free Framework (F3) @framework-matrix

lightweight 5.3+, simple language, the only framework with bandwidth throttling and DoS monitoring

Fat-Free Framework is a powerful yet easy-to-use PHP micro-framework designed to help you build dynamic and robust Web applications - fast! Condensed in a single 55KB file, F3 gives you solid foundation, a mature code base, and a no-nonsense approach to writing Web applications. Under the hood is ...

library Flourish @framework-matrix

Flourish is a PHP unframework — a general-purpose, object-oriented library.

Flourish is a package of various useful utility classes. ORM // Class to table mapping should occur before any classes are used // such as when the database is attached via fORMDatabase::attach() fORMDatabase::attach($db); fORM::mapClassToTable('User', 'user'); Templating $template = ...

library TYPO3 Flow @framework-matrix

typo3 backend framework, very high-level

TYPO3 Flow brings new concepts to the PHP world. Domain-Driven Design, Dependency Injection and Aspect-Oriented Programming are some of them. And besides some great features we offer a new view on the "how" of software development. ...

MVC FuelPHP @framework-matrix

CI/Kohana-inspired HMVC framework

Fuel is a simple, flexible, community driven PHP 5.3 web framework based on the best ideas of other frameworks with a fresh start. Fuel takes a different approach to many frameworks and strives to be community-driven. Lightweight, load what you need and configuration over convention. No auto ...

toolkit Fusebox @framework-matrix

ColdFusion origin

It is important to note that Fusebox deals primarily with the effort of wiring together view states (pages) with controller actions (form submits, etc.) and the front-end of the business-logic tier. The framework does not address creating and maintaining business logic such as database interaction o ...

shortlist Helix @framework-matrix

flexible customization system and tons of classes

The Helix PHP Framework is a very powerful system for creating database-backed, secure, fast, reliable and robust web applications. Some key features of Helix are: Integrated security Friendly URLs Easy configuration and customization Built-in data objects Code generator ...

toolkit Hoa @framework-matrix

Hoa is a modular, extensible and structured set of PHP libraries

A wide array of modularized components. Not just your typical framework classes, but also some more scientific algorithm backends. As the website says "Hoa aims at being a bridge between industrial and research worlds." Documentation is mostly in french, but senses up with Google tra ...

shortlist Horus 6 @framework-matrix

Very light . Really Zero configurations .

The Horus Framework is a pretty solid attempt at designing a good OOP framework in as a small package as possible. Focused on a light codebase and on a solid, standards-friendly approach, Horus can be used to write advanced applications without having to deal with complex coding toolkits like Zend o ...

shortlist Ismo @framework-matrix

development ceased

A descriptive framework based on a very broad meaning of the word document and the ability to create a backbone for each web project on which to hang any number of web applications. Ismo 0.1.4 was released on June 14, 2004 and has some striking similarities to the Django Project. Django builds a ...

shortlist Jelix @framework-matrix


Jelix is an open-source PHP5 framework which help you to develop any kind of web applications: Designed for both little web sites and and huge-loaded web sites. Fully object oriented, highly modular and extensible. Made on known design pattern: MVC, DAO.. Support natively many output format: XHT ...

shortlist joshlib @framework-matrix

procedural library framework

This is the PHP code library that I use every day when I develop sites. Very procedural; few classes or object-oriented techniques. Easy to learn! Easy to use. This library aspires to be: efficient - should invoke no excess overhead, executed code should be as short as possible, functions over ...

MVC Kata @framework-matrix

It's like CakePHP, but with less calories

Kata is a passive MVC Framework utilizing inversion-of-control and class-factory patterns. First step: Display "Hello World" Put the following code into the file controllers/main_controller.php: class MainController extends AppController { function index() { $this->setPa ...

MVC KissMVC @framework-matrix

simple and minimalist MVC framework

KISSMVC provides 3 small classes: * The Model class is a simple ORM that works on single database tables. * The View class is a simple PHP templating system. * The Controller class lets you use friendly URLs routed though a single index.php page. KISSMVC provides a "Model" ORM c ...

MVC Kohana @framework-matrix

Kohana is an elegant HMVC PHP5 framework that provides a rich set of components for building web applications.

Pretty similar to CodeIgniter from which Kohana was forked. More addons and a standard license, more convoluted directory structure. Most complete library with additional modules is located at ...

shortlist Kolibri @framework-matrix

Kolibri: The PHP5 web framework that flies

- Fully Object-Oriented - Minimal configuration - Very lightweight and easily customizable - Clean URIs and customizable URI to action mapper - Flexible validation framework - Dynamic class loading - View technology freedom: XSL, Smarty or pure PHP - Automated form generation (with XSL views) ...

shortlist Konstrukt @framework-matrix

A HTTP-friendly framework of controllers for PHP5.

Controllers are resources URI-to-controller-mapping gives your application a logical structure Routing based on logic rather than rules Nested controllers supports composite view rendering Embrace HTTP rather than hide it Enable the programmer, rather than automating Favour aggregation over ...

shortlist Kumbia @framework-matrix


Kumbia PHP Framework is a full-stack MVC framework written in PHP for developing database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern and other patterns as ActiveRecord and TemplateView. Optimized for PHP programmer productivity. ...

MVC Laravel @framework-matrix

clean and classy framework

Laravel is a clean and classy framework for PHP web development. Freeing you from spaghetti code, Laravel helps you create wonderful applications using simple, expressive syntax. Development should be a creative experience that you enjoy, not something that is painful. Enjoy the fresh air. return R ...

shortlist LightVC @framework-matrix

lightweight MVC framework without the model

LightVC is comparable to, although unlike, CakePHP, Code Igniter, symfony, Solar, and Zend Framework to name a few. It's major difference is that it does not try to be a full "Web framework" and instead tries to solve the need for an MVC that isn't coupled to other tools. ...

minimal Limonade @framework-matrix

micro framework for rapid web development and prototyping

API: function unregister_globals() function remove_magic_quotes($array) function render_limonade_css() function render_limonade_file() function option($name = null, $values = null) function params($name_or_array_or_null = null, $value = null) function set($name = null, $values = null) ...

MVC Lion @framework-matrix

emerging, reduce engineering efforts

The following list represents the most valuable features: MVC plus MVP architecture (Dual MVC) Spring-style Dependency Injection (IoC based PHP framework) Request dispatcher with Intercepting filter Powerful custom URLs rewrite engine Event-driven PHP architecture Native AJAX components Rev ...

shortlist Lisa @framework-matrix

LISA is an object oriented web application framework based on PHP 5.3 and Smarty or Dwoo template engine. Older versions based on PHP 5.2. LISA follows the model view controller architecture. Version 0.2.0 or higher using namespaces, late static bindings and many of PHP's new features. Please send y ...

shortlist Metro PHP @framework-matrix

Micro PHP Framework for Macro Sites

Regular MVC Everything is event driven Strives to only use just enough magic to get the job done. Everything's a POPO Bring Your Own Libs (templating, orm, whatever) or use defaults Connect your code to the framework by adding 1 class functionk Config syntax is normal PHP Supports non-autoloa ...

shortlist Mouf @framework-matrix

Mouf is DI/IoC framework based on downloadable components managed per web UI

We, Mouf developers, believe something went wrong. Dependency Injection should not be about Unit Testing, and it should not require huge dependency files! Dependency Injection is about having well defined components. If you had such components, building your application should be the same as playing ...

ajax Nette @framework-matrix

component-based, envent-driven, no documentation in english (except for the source code itself)

Nette is a powerful, component-based and event-driven framework for creating web applications and services in PHP 5. Nette Framework is designed with simplicity in mind. Nette can be used with classes from Zend Framework. ...

shortlist Nooku @framework-matrix

RAD framework for Joomla

By drastically reducing the amount of code you need to write, Nooku Framework helps you to create powerful Joomla extensions very quickly. The intuitive API, design pattern based architecture, and out-of-the-box security, leave you more time to focus on features. ...

shortlist Obullo @framework-matrix

global controllers (mvc2)

Obullo is a Lightweight MVC based Php5 Framework for the PHP Coders who need a simple web toolkit to create full-featured fast web applications. It focuses on being simplicity , readability , performance and writing speed , well documented and easy to use, while solving problems intrinsic to web dev ...

MVC Openbiz Cubi @framework-matrix

help you quickly build business web applications with XML

Want to build a data centric business application without dirty code - PhpOpenbiz (Openbiz) is the solution! OpenBiz is a PHP application framework for professional IT developers and consultants to build web-based enterprise applications. Key features includes: XML Metadata-driven design principal. ...

shortlist Opulence @framework-matrix

full-stack similar to Symfony

A router Middleware support A data mapper/repository-based ORM A powerful new templating language (called Fortune) An IoC container Console support (called Apex) A validation library Automatic server environment detection Built-in integration test suite ...

shortlist Orinoco @framework-matrix

light full-stack

- Framework Full-stack framework (Model, View and Controller) Extremely lightweight Easy to install and very easy to configure Clean and organized directory structure Classes can be easily extended Integrated Object-relational mapping (ORM) - Database Multiple table query support C ...

shortlist PhalconPHP @framework-matrix

framework as C extension for PHP, added performance because runtime features are compiled in

Phalcon is an open source, full stack framework for PHP 5 written as a C extension providing high performance. You don't have to learn or use C language, functionality are exposed as PHP classes you can use any time. Phalcon is also loose coupled thus you can select specific parts of the framework f ...

shortlist PHOCOA @framework-matrix

modelled after Apples Cocoa and WebObjects

PHOCOA (pronounced faux-ko) is a PHP framework for developing web applications. PHOCOA's primary intent is to make web application development in PHP easier, faster, and higher-quality. The framework handles most of the "dirty work" of web application development by providing infrastructur ...

library PHPDevShell @framework-matrix


Mixed feelings. It's not a bloated skeleton, but has a diffuse directory structure. Permission system is mistaken for "security", and it generally relies on outdated practices (selfmade SQL escaping, die() for include files). ...

PHP Pharaoh @framework-matrix

A lightweight high-performance Application Development Packages Based Framework

PHP-Pharo is a high-performance Application Development Packages Based Framework . Its goal is to enable you to develop projects much faster than you could if you were writing code from scratch, by providing a rich and strong codebase , as well as a simple interface and logical structure . ...

MVC PHPixie @framework-matrix

A lightweight MVC framework that provides most mainstream features but with much less boilerplate and much easier to learn.

PHPixie delivers the most used features of MVC frameworks, but aims to be lightweight, unobtrusive and easy to learn. The "Learn PHPixie in 30 minutes" tutorial will set you ready for the development even if you have no idea what MVC is at all. ...

routing phpMF @framework-matrix

php MariaFramework

With a single 4Kb file the MF provides you highly scalable object oriented framework in php to think, write and deploy web applications which run faster. This is a no nonsense framework which has just what is barely needed. Any frills has to be added. The addons and plugins provide a method for reus ...

shortlist PHP on TRAX @framework-matrix

Rapid Application Development Made Easy

Php On Trax (formerly Php On Rails) is a web-application and persistance framework that is based on Ruby on Rails and includes everything needed to create db-backed web-applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern of separation. This pattern splits the view (also called the presentation) ...

shortlist phpPeanuts @framework-matrix

adaptive components and reduces project risk by rapid prototyping

With phpPeanuts you do not build an application from the bottom up. Instead you get one scaffolded from meta data, then extend and refine it step by step to make it more and more like you want it to be. PhpPeanuts does in general not generate code. Instead its components adapt dynamically to the ...

routing phpwt @framework-matrix

small PHP website toolkit

This routing framework is almost unique in supporting language selection as part of the routing scheme. It's configured via XML routing tables, but handlers can dispatch to views as well. However it's a pure routing framework, few utility code besides that. == doc == Where do I configure temp ...

shortlist Phreeze @framework-matrix

ORM and MVC framework with code generation

Phreeze is an ORM and MVC Framework for PHP with an included code generator that creates a clean, functional site based on your existing database schema. Built-in AJAX and Bootstrap for a clean interface. ...

minimal phunction @framework-matrix

Small and carefully designed PHP HMVC framework.

I've released phunction a few days ago, and I believe it takes the procedural meaning to the limit. It evolved from this outdated core-only code. I encapsulated the functions in half a dozen classes to avoid name collisions and add some contextual meaning but other than that it should take less than ...

shortlist PHP on PIE @framework-matrix

Build the next generation of PHP applications.

We've made a framework that combines the best ideas from other great PHP projects. After using it to build all our projects for over a year, we've made it open source. It may be right for you, too. ...

shortlist Piece Framework @framework-matrix

Application Framework

Piece Framework is a PHP Application Framework. Piece Framework has aimed to introduce Generative Programming: Methods, Tools, and Applications, DSLs, Language Workbenches, Language Oriented Programming into the PHP world. ...

MVC PRADO @framework-matrix

component-based and event-driven programming framework

PRADO Sample Application: index.php - entry script of the PRADO application. This file is required by all PRADO applications and is the only script file that is directly accessible by end-users. Content in index.php mainly consists of the following three lines, require_once('path/to/prado.php ...

shortlist Pronto @framework-matrix

a talented web framework for php

What's Under the Hood? Robust Dispatcher Compatible with PHP4 and PHP5 Regexp-Based URL Routing CRUD Scaffolding Generator for Data Entities SQL-centric Models (not ORM) Rich Plugins at Template and Controller Levels Execution Profiles Brainless AJAX via Plugins and jQuery Efficient and Au ...

MVC PSX Framework @framework-matrix

PHP REST API Framework

PSX is a framework written in PHP to create REST APIs. It provides tools to handle routing, API versioning, data transformation, authentication, documentation and testing. With PSX you can easily build a REST API around an existing application or create a new one from scratch. More informations at h ...

shortlist Qcodo @framework-matrix

rad, code-generation

The Qcodo Development Framework is an open-source PHP framework that focuses on freeing developers from unnecessary tedious, mundane coding. Code generation-based object relational model Component-based event-driven view / controller library Fully-integrated PHP-based AJAX support (no JavaScrip ...

MVC QCubed @framework-matrix

QCubed is a PHP framework for rapid web development. Building on top of jQuery, with OOP at its core, QCubed provides a powerful solution for building database-driven Web 2.0 applications.

QCubed is a PHP framework for rapid web development. Building on top of jQuery, with OOP at its core, QCubed provides a powerful solution for building database-driven Web 2.0 applications. ...

shortlist Radiocore @framework-matrix

data-centrie 3-tier for administrative web apps

RADICORE is not a clone of any existing framework written in any other language, nor does it use any framework components from any third party. It is totally 100% unique. It has been specifically engineered with Rapid Application Development in mind after the author's decades of experience with simi ...

shortlist Rapyd @framework-matrix

data-centric framework

Rapyd is a PHP5 minimalistic framework made to build applications based on MVC and CRUD patterns Rapyd Features No compiling, no command line needed, just unzip, it will work. PHP5 Strict Modules support Nice URLs (SEO oriented) Tiny MVC in few files Really Open Source (MIT licensed) ...

library Scorpio Framework for PHP @framework-matrix

MVC and CLI, translation and build tools

Scorpio is a framework / component system for PHP5. It has been designed to be light-weight and easy to understand. The framework was designed and planned to provide the basics of what a project needs to get going, with a view to the sites that are developed being re-skinned many times but withou ...

shortlist SleekMVC @framework-matrix

Simple framework for novices

SleekMVC is first and foremost a simple framework, meant to be easily consumed by the most novice of PHP developers. It was specifically built to be used by first year PHP students while being flexible enough to work for large scale applications. You won't find any useless classes shipped with Sleek ...

shortlist Slim @framework-matrix

minimal routing framework

I wanted a way to launch a simple PHP web service with minimum fuss. There are plenty of respectable PHP frameworks, but many of them are too robust for my needs. So I created Slim, a simple DSL for creating PHP web services. ...

shortlist Sourdough @framework-matrix

Sourdough is a YAPF - Yet Another PHP Framework

Sourdough is a comprehensive web application framework for PHP5. Sourdough provides developers with real-world solutions for common system components such as User Management, Session Handling, User Authentication, Exception Handling and Logging, Template System as well as Form Building and Handli ...

MVC Spawn Framework @framework-matrix

simple construction ensures speed, efficiency and safety

Spawn is the framework for any developer who needs a light utility to work. Controller: namespace Controller; //controller name class Home extends \Spawn\Controller { public function init() { //'I am init() method and I\'m start before action :-)'; $this -> meth ...

MVC Symfony2 @framework-matrix

Replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure.

Over-hyped successor framework to Symfony. Extensive documentation. Now comes in bundles, which can be used independently from the core. (BrowserKit ClassLoader Config CssSelector DependencyInjection DomCrawler EventDispatcher Finder Form HttpFoundation HttpKernel Locale Process Routing Security Se ...

MVC Thin PHP Framework @framework-matrix

ThinPHP is a lightweight, flexible PHP5 MVC framework. It aims to be a fast, simple and highly extensible framework. It's suitable for web developers who want a robust framework to start their projects but don't want too many dependencies.

ThinPHP is small (less than 50KB zipped), has fewer classes than other frameworks and library independent (excluded core view lib - Smarty). It incorporates a lot of useful features and best practices to help you in the process of web development. ...

shortlist Tigermouse @framework-matrix

AJAX framework for PHP

Tigermouse is a modern web applications framework for PHP. It relies on AJAX technology, so in pair with being lightweight enables you to build dynamic, responsive and interactive web applications. It is well suited for enterprise-grade tasks because of its strong commitment to server-side business ...

MVC Tiny MVC @framework-matrix

inyMVC is an MVC (Model-View-Controller) application framework for PHP. It provides clear separation between the database operations (Model), the presentation (View), and the glue in between (Controller).


MVC tinyPHP @framework-matrix

tinyPHP is a simple and lightweight MVC framework. It is not as advanced and feature rich as other frameworks, but it is easy to learn and user friendly. If you are a beginner who feels that it is difficult to understand the concept behind MVC, tinyPHP can help. You will understand the concept better by using this simple and lightweight framework.


shortlist Tonic @framework-matrix

RESTful Web App Development PHP Library

Everything useful is a resource. Resources are located by URLs. Clients can issue a standard number of HTTP methods upon an infinite number of resources and receive something useful in return. Representations of resources are sent back to the client, a representation is just a way of turning the ...

shortlist ToroPHP @framework-matrix

Rapid prototyping for PHP web development

Toro is a tiny router that lets you develop PHP web applications quickly. Toro supports convenient handler methods for routing. The base methods include all HTTP verbs, such as get, post, put, and delete. Additionally, you can also append _xhr to any base, such as get_xhr, to match XHR requests. ...

Vork Enterprise @framework-matrix

extensive library

Vork is an open-source PHP framework designed for rapid development of performance-oriented scalable applications. The mission of Vork is to provide an MVC architecture with a full-featured toolkit and universal database support without adding overhead, creating slow & unscalable abstraction ...

MVC WACT @framework-matrix

a modular framework for creating web applications

WACT is a higher level toolkit, and doesn't provide the multitude of small gizmos common in other frameworks. The SVN version even lacks the DBAL module. CONTROLLER <?php require_once 'wact/controller/'; require_once 'wact/template/'; class CaseConverter e ...

shortlist Wave @framework-matrix

API-centric Micro-framework

Wave is a PHP micro-framework that is built loosely on model-view-control architecture and factory method design pattern. It is made for web services, websites and info-systems and is built around a native API architecture, caching and smart image and resource management. Wave is a compact framework ...

shortlist Xataface @framework-matrix

put a face on your database

Xataface is a flexible and shapable skin that sits on top of MySQL, making it accessible to every-day users. It automatically generates the appropriate forms, lists, and menus for a user to interact with the database without having to know any SQL. It is a full-featured Web application framework, ...

shortlist xMVC @framework-matrix

XML/XSLT framework

xMVC is a light-weight MVC framework for PHP 5.3+ that intimately connects XML, XSLT and PHP. The concept behind xMVC is storing data in XML models, leveraging filenames and folder hierarchy to segregate data, and applying XSL transformations on only the XML models specified by the PHP controller. I ...

MVC Yii @framework-matrix

high-performance, component-based, for large-scale applications, full stack

A fast framework getting more and more popular. Lightweight as it only loads the features needed. Some sayes it's for large applications, Enterprisey naming and class structures. ...

shortlist Zephyr @framework-matrix

ajax based mvc framework for php5 developers

zephyr is an ajax based framework for php5 developers. you can easily develop business applications using this robust framework. this is extremely easy to learn and very simple to implement. you can deliver a full fledged ajax application with strong business layer in backend within some minutes. in ...

shortlist Zikula @framework-matrix

postNuke rebranded as framework

No matter what your needs, Zikula can provide the solution. Whether it is a corporate presence with ecommerce, a simple blog or a community portal, Zikula can do it all. Best of all, its completely free. Our community forum provides you with the support and help you need free of charge. If you ne ...

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PHP development without the suck

Far from being Yet Another PHP Framework or Rails clone, Zoop has been in development since 2001 and in use for the last 6 years in a number of different production environments. While it predates the recent proliferation of PHP frameworks, it's based on solid MVC principles, including separation of ...


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